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Legends and Lore - The Quest for Lost Treasures

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The Quest for Lost Treasures - Guides and Stories to Known Places
Agrihan Island treasure
Amber Room
Apostles Islands treasures
Arizona Indians
Arizona Outlaws
Ark of the Covenant
Arkansas buried loot
Arkansas Civil War loot
Beale Codes (The)
Bells of Mexico
Bill Bowlegs' buried loot
Bishop's gold coins
Blackbeard's silver
Bloody Springs gold coins
Blue Bucket Mine
Bone Hill
Bronco Bill's treasure
Bumble Bee, Arizona
Buster’s buried gold
Butch Cassidy's loot
Butler's forgotten claim
California buried loot
California gold mines
California treasures
Callister's collection
Captain Cook's treasure
Captain Keiff
Captain Kidd's treasure
Captain Marsh
Cass County, Missouri
Castle Gate stolen payroll
Cherokees hidden gold
Church of Pisco treasure
Clear Creek lost gold
Clement gold mine
Colorado Rockies
Colorado treasures
Columbus Junction
Corpus Christi
Davis Mountain
Dead Man's Cave
Death Valley
Death Valley lost mine
Devils Tower lost gold
Devonshire treasure
Don Tiburcio Tapia
Dutch Oven Mine
Emperor of Mexico
Esmerelda County
Espiritu Santo
Flagstaff, Arizona - Part 1
Flagstaff, Arizona - Part 2
Flat Rock gold
Florida treasures
Fort Dodge
Fort Holmes
Georgia treasures
Geneva Gulch
Genoa Nail Keg cache
Ghost Town, Jacksonville
Gold rush wrecks
Goose Egg Mine
Gypsy’s buried treasure
Hardin's lost treasure
Henry Gordier's treasure
Henry Starr’s bank loot
Henry Steel's treasure
Hermit's Island
Hippolyte's treasure
Holden Dick's treasure
Holy Grail
Humbug Creek Mine
Idaho's lost legends
Indiana's lost treasures
Iowa's hidden caches
Iowa's lost payrolls
Iowa's lost treasures
Irish Canyon
James gang loot
Jars of gold
John Neal’s Gold
John Singer's treasure
John Swift's silver mine
Jos Gaspar
Kanaka Jack's mine
Kiln Canyon treasure
La Madalena
Lima lost gold
Little Horn gold
Long Island
Lost Dutchman mine
Lost Hardin mine
Lost Pick mine
Lost quarters
Lost Vampire Bat mine
Lost whiskey load
Mack Island treasure
Manila's gold Buddha
Mary Celeste
Mayport, Florida treasure
McCann’s Summit
McVee Inn treasure
Milton Sharp
Mineral Park, Arizona
Minnesota's lost treasures
Mississippi's lost treasures
Moccasin Creek valley mine
Moses Follensby fortune
Murder Rock treasure
Nebraska legends
Nehalem Point
Nevada treasures - Part 1
Nevada treasures - Part 2
Nevada Prison treasure
New York treasures
Oak Island money pit
Ohio river
Oklahoma's lost treasures
Opata Mine
Osage hills
Owens Lake treasure
Ozark Hills Copper Mine
Parson Keithley
Pawnee Rock
Pearls on dry land
Pogue Station, Nevada
Poverty Island
Rattlesnake Dick
Red Hill
Red Jack Gang’s Loot
Red River treasure
Redbone Cave
Reynolds gang treasure
Round Mountain
Ruggles brothers
17 tons of Mexican gold
1715 treasure fleet
Santissima Concepcion
Seven Corners treasure
Shipp Pond gold
Spanish Armada
Spanish Fleet
Spring Canyon treasure
Star City treasure
Stewart Brothers lost gold
Sugar Hill Silver Mine
Sunken British treasures
Sunset Crossing
Tim Cody's lost treasure
Treasure in dimes
Trinity County
Tumacacori lost gold
Voyageurs treasure
Wash pot treasure
Washington's treasures
Water Fall mine
Wells Fargo robberies
White Cliffs, Utah
William Pogue fortune
Zumbro River
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