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Where is the lost treasure of Captain Keiff?

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Captain Keiff was considered an old salvager that lived on Cliff Island, Maine. He was a bit of a loner and lived in a log hut close to the ocean. He did not have a job as most people; he would rummage through old shipwrecks to find valuable items to sell. During this time, any shipwreck was fair game and you could sell anything found without any questions asked as to where they were found.

Since there were not many shipwrecks occurring and Captain Keiff needed shipwrecks in order to survive, he devised a way to cause the ships to wreck. He would tie a lantern around the neck of his horse and ride up and down the shoreline when he noticed ships on the horizon.

The incoming ships would be guided to shore by his lantern and would end up wrecking on the ledges and reefs that surrounded this small island. He would then go out to the ship and kill any survivors. Then the ship and all of its belongings was his for the taking.

He did this scandalous living for many years and made a large fortune for himself. He was always afraid others were as unhanded as he was and as the legend goes, he buried much of his finds nearby his hut on Cliff Island. He never married and lived out his life alone on Cliff Island. No one knows where he buried the treasures but today there is an area on Cliff Island named Keiffs Garden, which might be the actual location of his home. For treasure seekers, this would be a great place to visit with a metal detector; however, you will more than likely have to get permission before searching on the island or in Keiffs Garden.

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